środa, 9 lipca 2008


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indigene pisze... at 9 lipca 2008 20:42

Lol! What a face...lol! I love those feet! Cool illustration.


Linda T. Snider Ward pisze... at 9 lipca 2008 22:56

I like your art--would you like to join our site: www.watercolorwednesdays.blogspot.com
We're just getting started & I think your art would fit in nicely.

tusen pisze... at 9 lipca 2008 23:11

jak zwykle mina super :)

Linda T. Snider Ward pisze... at 10 lipca 2008 00:04

I'll need your email address to create an invite to the blog--I couldn't get yours when I clicked on "email" at your site (may be my computer). My email is lktsward@bellsouth.net

linda sarah pisze... at 10 lipca 2008 17:30

really lovely illustration - he has such a fantastic expression - I love it!

RyanLoghry pisze... at 10 lipca 2008 20:36

Very cool illustration Issi.

enigma pisze... at 13 lipca 2008 05:17

aww issi, missed your chickens! this one is so cute. :)

david santos pisze... at 19 lipca 2008 18:09

Hi, issi!
Have a nice weekend.

vanessa pisze... at 22 lipca 2008 12:25

Hello Issi,
I really like your Chicken. He's very sweet and looks like he up to something.
Saw your and clicked on your name and got to view your get blog. Enjoyed your Esty store too.
Take care

Cecilia pisze... at 26 lipca 2008 20:54

Bello Issi!!! cada día más linda.
un beso grande y buen fin de semana

Andrea pisze... at 8 września 2008 23:28

Hello Issi, it's been a moment since the last time but you haven't changed! Very very nice!!!

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