poniedziałek, 19 maja 2008

The Pico Award

I am so honoured to receive this wonderful Pico Award from the talented Bobo

Here are the rules of the Pico Award:

1) Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution to the blogging community.

2) Include the name and link of the award giver, so their blogs can be visited.

3) Include the name and link of the people you award, so their blogs can be visited also.
4) Show the link Arte y Pico , the originator of the award.

5) Publish these rules.

I would like to present this award to those talented artists who are creating amazing illustrations on their blogs:

1.Tusen for her wonderful illustrations.

2.Enigma for her great works.

3.Marlou B. for her beautiful puppet.

4.Cecilia for her unusual art.

5.Vhrsti for him excellent illustrations.

The numbers are symbolic, only because the artists are all great.

If you like drawing, then you must visit Kristin
I would like to add Kristin but I don't know if number 6 is possible.

6 komentarze:

enigma pisze... at 19 maja 2008 17:22

Issi! thanks so much for the award! you just make my day. if only i could pick you for this award to pass on! :)

tusen pisze... at 19 maja 2008 22:22

Oj Issi, dzięki wielkie :)

Kristin pisze... at 22 maja 2008 12:52

Hey Issi, I gave you the Arte y Pico Award and finally recognized, that you received it also from bobo. So, two times is better than one! ;)))

And I saw that you would liked to add me, too. I'm very honoured! Thanks!!!

Kristin ;)))

Cecilia pisze... at 25 maja 2008 19:18

Gracias Issi!! es todo un honor para mí que me menciones para el premio.
Voy a traducir las indicaciones.
muchos besos

MARLOU B. pisze... at 26 maja 2008 08:50

Wielkie dzieki!!! Czuje sie naprawde zaszczycona Twoim wyroznieniem !!!

david santos pisze... at 29 maja 2008 23:28

Hello, Issi!
excellent illustration.

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