sobota, 13 września 2008


13 komentarze:

Rui Sousa pisze... at 14 września 2008 00:41

So funny :)

(The Temporary)

INDIGENE pisze... at 14 września 2008 07:09

lol! Beautiful colors and concept!

tusen pisze... at 14 września 2008 08:05

oho, chyba szykuje im się niespodziewana przygoda ;)
kury słodkie jak zwykle.

Bobo Cat pisze... at 14 września 2008 08:15

The eye is a funny touch, well-done!

Pia Johansson pisze... at 14 września 2008 15:14

Looks like a good idea for them to go there, but what is it? An egg? A pancake? The sleeping sun or a yellow wale?

enigma pisze... at 14 września 2008 16:04

hello iwonka! wow how exciting, having a time out for some holiday! hope you'll get a good time and get your minds freash again to make more beautiful and funny illo, like this one! oh, i too have an illo with kind of similar idea with this, check this one out! ^_^

Juan pisze... at 14 września 2008 22:52

hahaha... Great stuff. Excellent!

atomicvelvetsigh pisze... at 15 września 2008 06:09

lol amazing idea! this is too funny! 8)

Michelle Henninger pisze... at 15 września 2008 07:30

Your illos are always such fun! I wish those chickens good luck on their "island"! Nice one Issi!

krisztina maros pisze... at 15 września 2008 19:14

czesc Issi! i hope so write this well... so nice and funny work by you again! also love your pandas in your other island :) btw: congrats to your debut! wszytskiego najlepszego :)

Linda T. Snider Ward pisze... at 16 września 2008 10:51

hope you're creating a book for these two chicks--they're so cute & funny...with many chicken adventures! :)

Issi pisze... at 17 września 2008 01:33

Oh, yes, it's my dream about creating a book for my hens :o)
Maybe one day...
Best Wishes,

Rrramone pisze... at 11 października 2008 18:04

It's Egg island!

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