czwartek, 15 maja 2008


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Connie pisze... at 15 maja 2008 13:22

This is wonderful; atmospheric and funny.

thedoodlegirl pisze... at 15 maja 2008 14:51

So funny. I love the shadow of the chicken!

Vhrsti pisze... at 15 maja 2008 15:19

Nice work, Issi. That shadow is really brilliant!

Bee pisze... at 15 maja 2008 16:41

The shadow really adds to this piece, nice work :)

Bobo Cat pisze... at 15 maja 2008 20:26

Lovely! Whose eyes peeping from the little hole?

indigene pisze... at 15 maja 2008 20:29

This is so cute! Now if the chick plugs in, will it become fried chicken? Nice job!

enigma pisze... at 18 maja 2008 13:17

Hi Issi! i missed so many of your wonderful art!! all of them is as funny as ever----love it all!! ^_^

Bobo's Slave pisze... at 18 maja 2008 14:05

Hi! Issi! I'm passing on an award to you, if you don't mind, please pick it up on my blog.

Raluca C pisze... at 19 maja 2008 12:00

atention:aaaaction!this chiken is fabulous!!:))looking forward to see it''wide'',this week:))

MARLOU B. pisze... at 26 maja 2008 08:51

Zabawna jst ta ilustracja !

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