środa, 7 maja 2008


7 komentarze:

Raluca C pisze... at 7 maja 2008 21:54

simple nice and full of emotions:))I like it!

thedoodlegirl pisze... at 7 maja 2008 23:35

I can already tell that this is a bird with some personality! Very fun.

Kristin pisze... at 8 maja 2008 09:58

hehe, great close up scene. Your illus are always so full of joy and fun and I love the bright colours!
Well done!
Kristin ;)

luci pisze... at 8 maja 2008 12:00

Issi, your illustration is so sweet and charming :)

Bee pisze... at 8 maja 2008 18:57

Nice work, a simple effective scene with your great chicken character (really liekd your 'Primitive' entry too).

life without novacaine pisze... at 8 maja 2008 21:12

Cute illo! Really like your style.

david santos pisze... at 10 maja 2008 20:37

Hello, Issi!
Excellent posting.
Have a nice weekend.

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