środa, 5 marca 2008


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Monica pisze... at 5 marca 2008 03:09

This is the cutest Little Red Riding Hood ever! Lovely watercolor washes, very soft and detailed. I love her shoes, basket and the flowers on the ground...

Cheryl pisze... at 5 marca 2008 04:03

Delightful! I also like the watercolor.

Faruffa pisze... at 5 marca 2008 14:42

this is so cute and joyful!!!

Bee pisze... at 5 marca 2008 20:44

Lovely illustration, really nicely done.

RyanLoghry pisze... at 18 marca 2008 16:24

You are so good with water colors. Very nice character design, and I like the simplicity of the ground plain too. Great work Issi.

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