sobota, 16 lutego 2008


5 komentarze:

Digital Scott's illustrationblog pisze... at 16 lutego 2008 03:41

Very nice work!

nice pisze... at 18 lutego 2008 15:50


RyanLoghry pisze... at 19 lutego 2008 01:38

I like it. She looks truly happy. Great job.

Traci Bixby pisze... at 19 lutego 2008 02:39

I love the top one. The cool color in the background looks great. What a ride that would be.

Josh (musarter) pisze... at 19 lutego 2008 17:16

Nice illo. I prefer the top version. I actually tried to use a photo background for my entry this week too; but I decided against it at the last second.

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