niedziela, 24 lutego 2008


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Digital Scott's Illustrationblog pisze... at 24 lutego 2008 19:21

Is he on a time out??? He looks like he's up to something! Great work.

Faruffa pisze... at 24 lutego 2008 19:57


Michelle Henninger pisze... at 24 lutego 2008 20:04

Trying to escape the Rotisserie! Nice job, very cute, love the little details!

enigma pisze... at 26 lutego 2008 03:44

i love his funny expression iwonka---as always!

INDIGENE pisze... at 27 lutego 2008 17:56

Funny and cool illustration!

Cecilia pisze... at 29 lutego 2008 02:34

bellas ilustraciones como siempre Issi!! son geniales y me encantan.

timafli pisze... at 29 lutego 2008 17:56

Cool character and colors.

luci pisze... at 8 maja 2008 12:06

Issi, I spent some time looking at the rest of your blog entries. My, what a treat it was! :)

Your whim and creativity shine in each one of your work. They're charming and always delightful.

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