sobota, 21 kwietnia 2007


Long long ago,
in the one city...

8 komentarze:

studio lolo pisze... at 22 kwietnia 2007 01:19

I really love this beautiful town! And you managed to put your chicken in it :) Very nice Issi!!

DianaDDunn pisze... at 22 kwietnia 2007 02:40

It is fun to look at the detail and then be surprised by the rooster.
Thanks for the supportive comments for my daughter.

md pisze... at 22 kwietnia 2007 02:42

lov ur roofscape illo

Tony LaRocca pisze... at 22 kwietnia 2007 14:41

That seems like such a nice place... must be nicer than here!

Coloribus pisze... at 25 kwietnia 2007 20:41

I like these roofs, great colors, very beautiful watercolors :o)

Cecilia pisze... at 28 kwietnia 2007 03:31

Ahhhh me gusta mucho , preciosa ciudad para Lon long!! los colores son preciosos.

georg pisze... at 4 maja 2007 01:24

"Once upon a time there were a nice little town, where some funny chickens lived..." (I like your chickens, you know)

ValGalArt pisze... at 14 czerwca 2007 18:00

This is so beautiful!!!

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