środa, 20 grudnia 2006

Help me

Help help me !

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catnapping pisze... at 20 grudnia 2006 19:07

hehehe. adorable. i love the mouse. great illustration.

tekentijger pisze... at 20 grudnia 2006 19:44

Nice sketch!

Brine Blank pisze... at 20 grudnia 2006 21:08

Great sketch and doing it on the calendar really gives it character!!!

Valaine pisze... at 21 grudnia 2006 00:56

I like this! ^_^

Michelle Lana pisze... at 21 grudnia 2006 19:15

very nice issi!

Anonymous pisze... at 21 grudnia 2006 23:52

Yes, the mouse need indeed some help...

I wish you and all your chicken and hens a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear - we'll meet again in 2007 -

Hugs from Denmark - georg

HARDWAX pisze... at 22 grudnia 2006 01:21

Beautiful rendering of the cat and the little mouse as well.
I don't know what the words say, but maybe the mouse is imploring the cat for mercy. I like the calendar-very cool touch.
This is lots of fun to look at and wonderful artwork!
I hope you have a fine Christmas.

Cecilia pisze... at 23 grudnia 2006 01:01

Felices fiestas, Issi - mis mejores deseos!

coloribus pisze... at 18 stycznia 2007 14:59

Beautiful !I like the drawings on the pages of the diaries :o)

BINO pisze... at 23 stycznia 2007 10:49

Great ^^



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