poniedziałek, 23 października 2006


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Alina Chau pisze... at 24 października 2006 01:46

FUN illo!!

Michelle Lana pisze... at 24 października 2006 03:14

fun stuff...great work!

michael dailey pisze... at 24 października 2006 04:02

love the expression and the bright fun colors

Cecilia pisze... at 24 października 2006 05:24

Issi:genial la expresión !! esos ojos tan desorbitados... me encanto!!!

tusen pisze... at 24 października 2006 22:39

ja wiem, że się powtarzam, ale Twoje kury mają zawsze świetne miny! :D

georg pisze... at 27 października 2006 13:10

thanks for one more hen - I love them!

Anonymous pisze... at 1 grudnia 2006 06:28

As a veteran of Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq...over these last few months...I've wondered to myself, "Is it possible to reduce the amount of hatred and violence in our world?"

Last week, before going to sleep, I began asking myself a lot of WHAT IF questions.

The central theme behind my thoughts are neither anti-war or pro-religion. My words are not meant to inspire scenes of flag-burning or political protest signs. Sadly, I realize that sometimes a lasting Peace means war.

However, unless someone and everyone start talking about the idea of Peace...

Even if it's just for two short minutes...

It's possible that an unstoppable firestorm of hatred may one day burn its way across our entire planet.

Instead of pointing out those differences which separate mankind...

It's my hope that the humanity within all of us will somehow prevail...


See link: http://just-one-day-of-peace.blogspot.com/

If you write a passage about what the PEACE means to you, I'll build a simple BLOG page featuring your words and original images…

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