sobota, 8 lipca 2006


6 komentarze:

claudine hellmuth pisze... at 8 lipca 2006 17:42

fun take on the topic!

Jana Bouc pisze... at 8 lipca 2006 18:28

I love it! Beautiful colors, great drawing and and a unique viewpoint--both on the subject and having cheerful chickens hanging upside down!

michael dailey pisze... at 8 lipca 2006 23:41

i like this fun take on the topic nice colors all around

Rrramone pisze... at 9 lipca 2006 05:58

heh heh heh.

Tony LaRocca pisze... at 10 lipca 2006 00:50

...All beaks suddenly turned to the east, as the Grand Chicken suddenly burst out his war cry. The smell of death and broken yolks would soon be in the air...

Clau pisze... at 10 lipca 2006 23:12

Hehe,funny illustration, those are real pop-chickens!

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