sobota, 20 maja 2006


6 komentarze:

Brenda pisze... at 20 maja 2006 14:52

I like the effects there. :)

michael dailey pisze... at 20 maja 2006 17:14

funny. think i'd have to shoot that cuckcoo before 4. dont think i could take all that shaking

Maysun pisze... at 21 maja 2006 08:08

I'm dizzy - stop that cuckoo! ;-)

littlekika pisze... at 21 maja 2006 12:08

I like your idea and I think that your illos are very good.

ValGalArt pisze... at 21 maja 2006 20:47

this is cool issi! The chicken has such a perplexed look on it's face! Really Wonderful!!!

Collin pisze... at 23 maja 2006 00:16

Is the image stutter something you intended or a problem with the file?

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