sobota, 27 maja 2006

Cake (colour)

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Maysun pisze... at 27 maja 2006 14:56

Hey, Issi, I love this!!

Also really liked the b/w one - nice clean lines. :-)

littlekika pisze... at 27 maja 2006 15:07

The chiken has a fine bed;)))
I like your chiken and illo very much

ValGalArt pisze... at 29 maja 2006 08:02

how could we know that your cake has chicken on it? because you love chickens! I love your work and chickens!!!

V.K. pisze... at 31 maja 2006 23:24

once again with the awesome chicken art work! And I love the sheep chasing each other and frolicking 'round the plate and cup...and in the picture on the wall...good stuff Issi!

Ginger*:)* pisze... at 1 czerwca 2006 19:44

Clucking AWESOME! That cake looks good enough to eat.
But not until the chicken moves over so I can cut a piece.

Anonymous pisze... at 5 marca 2007 14:44

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