sobota, 15 kwietnia 2006


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littlekika pisze... at 15 kwietnia 2006 17:26

I like your chiken:)

Kaya pisze... at 15 kwietnia 2006 19:33

It's a U.F. Egg? Or a present for some lucky chicken? Look out, it looks big...
Nice drawing, funny!

The Unknown pisze... at 16 kwietnia 2006 06:03

I smell trouble. Great illo. Simple and funny.

V.K. pisze... at 16 kwietnia 2006 06:58

Issi your chickens are AWESOME and I love this illustration! Wow.

Leigh Anne pisze... at 16 kwietnia 2006 18:48

ha hahaha. is it going to hit the chicken? did it appear to the chicken because the blood has been rushing to it's head for too long? fantastic.

Ian T. pisze... at 19 kwietnia 2006 02:37

Gorgeous! Your assured linework captures so much and shows your skill! This is a lovely, funny piece that needs nothing else.

Cate pisze... at 25 kwietnia 2006 14:07

Looks to me like the chicken LAUNCHED her egg!

"Eggs for Launch" would be a good play on words.

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